TicketGate Aftermath Continues….

The Georgia State ticket office just cannot get out of it’s own way. As I covered yesterday, Georgia State sent a mailer out to neighborhoods adjacent to campus, offering a promo code that could be redeemed for free tickets to any home game. No unique QR code, no caveats, ANY home game.
State has had attendance issues at football games for years and is using free tickets as bait. I get it. I don’t have a problem with that. Get people in the building, and at least they might buy concessions or possibly come back one day. But the execution is lacking.
What they didn’t count on was it falling in the hands of a Georgia Southern alum. That unidentified alum quickly took to Twitter, and word of the promo spread like wildfire throughout the interwebs that the Panthers were essentially offering free tickets to their biggest rival’s fans. The highly-organized and extremely-active Georgia Southern internet presence gobbled up the promo like piranhas and trolled the hell out of the Georgia State ticket office.
The Georgia State ticket office quickly removed the code, then voided all the tickets “purchased” using the code. Someone must have realized that giving away tickets for free to a game that was already going to be their highest attended home game all season, was not good business. Southern fans were predictably pissed that State reneged on the deal.
But Eagle Nation is a resourceful bunch…

A new promo code was discovered, this time it was a buy one, get one offer. I ended up getting two seats behind the Southern bench for $12.50 a piece. Not bad!
You can already guess what happened next:

That’s right. The trolling continued. Eagle Nation bought so many tickets that they had to remove that code as well. No tickets have been voided (yet), but the code seems to have been removed.
Eagle fans might have some issues with their own athletic department, but it could be a lot worse. At least Georgia Southern’s athletic department understands basic principles of economics and marketing.

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