UCF Knights Handle Their Business Against FAU, Win 16th Straight Game

Well this one got off to a weird start, but it ended up shaking out more or less how we anticipated going into it.
What do I mean by weird? How about trying this on for size:

  • First 15 minutes: 14-0 UCF
  • Next 13 1/2 minutes: 17-0 FAU
  • Next 9 1/2 minutes: 21-0 UCF

Early on, it looked like UCF was going to steamroll FAU. The offense was blazing, FAU couldn’t convert a third down, and the gap was widening.
Ten minutes into the game, Florida Atlantic’s redshirt freshman quarterback Chris Robison was 3-of-5 for four yards and an interception, had punted twice for 104 yards, and Devin Singletary had barely been heard from.
Then after having the quarterback punt on their first two fourth downs, the Owls lined up to punt and ran a fake for the first down and then some, and everything changed.
The Owls finally got up off the mat, Devin Singletary started finding some room, and the offense came to life. After only two carries for five yards in the first 10 minutes, Singletary lost nine yards on his last two carries and still went into the half with 15 touches for 70 yards.
But FAU scored their last points of the first half a little “too quickly” and left UCF a minute and a half to get the ball back and drive down, which they did, and then they opened the second half with another score.
For all their success and finally finding themselves on offense as the first half went on, the Owls still found themselves down 28-17 about four minutes into the second half.
FAU only stopped the Knights’ offense once in the entire second half, and the offense still came in fits and starts. Sure they eventually racked up 447 yards and 36 points, but Robison threw two more interceptions, one of which was taken for a defensive touchdown.
Chris Robison is going to be a good quarterback, but he’s still learning when to tuck and run, when to not force a throw and so on, and the UCF offensive machine was no match.
FAU will still be fine, outside of continuing to have all of their hardest opponents on the road. Even without Kerryth WHite’s garbage-time touchdown, he and Singletary still ran the ball 33 times for 175 yards and three scores, which is not just a fluke caused by a lopsided score.
UCF will also very likely be fine as they continue a “home stand” against Pitt and SMU, two teams that are not nearly as dynamic on offense as FAU is (when everything is clicking).

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