Army Puts the World on Notice, Comes Up Short in Overtime Against #5 Oklahoma 28-21

ARMY FANS: If you aren’t proud of this Army team then you aren’t an Army fan. Oklahoma was favored by 30 points, Army had a 1.8% chance to win the game and they took the number five team in the country to overtime. Great showing by the Black Knights tonight.

On the opening drive, Oklahoma struck really fast, it felt like the game might snowball from there, but boy was I wrong.
Army answered with an 18 play, 75-yard drive taking 9:31 off the clock to tie the game back up at 7-7.

Murray an co. answered two and a half minutes later taking a 14-7 lead. OU Twitter thought that was the breaking point for the Black Knights. They were wrong.
Kelvin Hopkins faced a 4th and 8 from the OU 37, he hit slotback Kell Walker on a slant route to pick up the first down; five plays later the Black Knights tied things back up at 14.
Army was actually in this game.
Four plays later, however, Kyler Murray became a magician and scampered in the endzone from 33-yards out to take a 21-14 lead.
The ensuing Army drive stalled and the team was forced to punt. This is where Oklahoma takes a two-possession lead and runs away right? Wrong. On 3rd and 10, Army LB James Nachtigal came up with a huge sack to get Army the ball back with 50 seconds left.
Army ran the ball to kill off the clock to go into the locker room down by one possession against the #5 team in the country.

Key first half notes:

  • Army had zero turnovers
  • Army held the ball for 22:01 keeping that powerful OU offense off of the field

The second half started with an Army punt and a lot of people thought that would be where OU pulled away, but Army DB Mike Reynolds came up clutch and picked off Murray to give Army the ball back.
Army went on another Army football type drive, 19 plays and 10:47 later, Army was all tied up with #5 Oklahoma again.
The next drive Army made a stand that will be remembered by Army fans for a long time. 3rd and goal from 1, Army stuffed RB Trey Sermon at the line of scrimmage, the Sooners would go for it and the Army defense stonewalled them again.
Army had all the momentum and took over with 12:23 left. They needed to get 99-yards to reach the promise land. The Black Knights drove down the field eating up clock, then once they hit the 30-yard line the OU defense stepped up and drove Army backward on first and second down. It set up a third and 14 from the OU 35. Hopkins dropped back to pass and the throw bounced off of an OU d-linemen and fell into the hands of LB Kenneth Mann.
The Sooners took over with 2:09 left. Murray led them right down the field to set up a 33-yard field goal attempt with two seconds left in the ball game. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost the kick went wide left. The game was going to overtime.
OU got the ball first and scored quickly, two plays is all they needed. Hopkins and the Army offense had one last chance. A false start set them back and as always, penalties kill the triple option. On fourth and seven, Hopkins dropped back to pass and was hit as he threw. The ball sailed into the arms of a Sooner, ending the Black Knights chance at the upset.
Look, I’m going to say it again, people should be proud of this Army team, nobody gave them a chance in this game. They fought tooth and nail with the #5 team in the nation. If last year wasn’t enough proof for you, hopefully, this was because Army football is back.

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