When Will The AP Poll Put Some “Respeck” On Army’s Name?

Am I using an old meme? Yes.
Do I care? No.
Am I saying Army should be ranked? Ehhh maybe. But more importantly, why aren’t they getting any votes at all?
The Army team is 3-2 with losses to Duke and Oklahoma and wins over Liberty, Hawaii, and Buffalo. Keep in mind that Oklahoma was #5 and Army went to Norman and only lost by a touchdown.
I get why Army didn’t receive any votes in the AP Poll after the Oklahoma game; impressive performance, yes, but no moral victories. It is after the win over Buffalo where I expected to see some votes for the Black Knights.
Before last week, Buffalo got votes in the AP Poll. Now if we are being logical here; if a team blows out the team getting votes shouldn’t those votes then go to the team that blew them out? I don’t think I’m that crazy for thinking this especially with a team with Army’s resume.
In their five games, every team the Black Knights have played have been undefeated coming into the game. Army also has a point differential of +33. On top of outscoring their opponents by convincing margins, they have kept the ball away from the other teams, they have 40+ minutes in time of possession in four of five games. Sure, that’s not a stat that makes you say “Woah why isn’t that team ranked?” but it is an impressive one.
On top of that, Army ranks in the top 10 in:
1st- Time of Possession (40 minutes, 12 seconds)
1st- Passing Yards Per Completion (22.04 yards)
1st- 4th Down Conversions (16)
8th- 3rd Down Defense Percentage (26.4%)
9th- 3rd Down Conversion Percentage (53.7%)
One thing that blew my mind is that Hawaii got one vote in the poll. Army is Hawaii’s lone loss. But this Saturday, Hawaii needed to 5OT to beat arguably the second worst team in college football, San Jose State. If that gets them a vote but Army doesn’t get one, I’m going to question.

Can Army Crack The Top-25 By The End of The Year?

This Army team has the ninth highest chance to win out at 21.7%. If Army is 6-2 entering the Air Force game they should be able to crack the top-25. They would need to blow out winless SJSU in San Jose and one-win Miami(OH) at Michie. Then they’d need to beat an okay Eastern Michigan team at their house. *If* Army can do that, I think they will be in the #23-25 range before the Air Force game. From there they will continue to climb as long as they keep winning.

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