New Mexico State Triumphs In Winning Their First Pursuit of Liberty: Are We An Air Raid Team Now?

So I, of course, saw none of this game, because these “lesser” games are rarely viewable outside of the region of Las Cruces. Watching games via live stats updates, especially close games, is a great way to test your cardiac system.
That being said, Josh Adkins is 2-0 as a starting quarterback, and he finished the game completing two-thirds of his passes, for 402 yards and four touchdowns, with not a single turnover for a second straight week.
I’m not sure I love an imbalance of almost 2:1 in the play calling in favor of the passing game, but maybe that’s just because I’m not accustomed to an Aggie team that’s really capable of being efficient enough through the air to pass that much unless they’re playing catchup.
So is this a shift in scheme, or just playing to your opponents’ weaknesses? It’s probably going to be a while before we know for sure. Liberty’s defense isn’t particularly good, and a bit worse against the pass, so this game’s outcome of passing to their heart’s content and then eventually breaking a couple of big runs is little surprise.
Next week, Louisiana’s defense profiles in a similarly poor way, except they are the opposite, statistically a bit worse against the run bit not great in either category.
It will likely be the week after that, against a good Georgia Southern defense, before we know for sure if this is leaning into your opponent’s defensive weaknesses or an actual shift in tendencies towards what your offense does best.
Coach Martin said postgame that this game was what he wants the offense to look like, but I don’t know if he was referring to everything, or just his offense finally imposing themselves physically as much as he would like.
Not that completing 34 passes to 10 different receivers, averaging 11.8 yards per completion or finishing with a 400-yard passer, a 100-yard receiver and a 100-yard rusher is anything to complain about.
I’m just curious to see where this is heading.
Side-topic; the team that took the field yesterday is now 2-4 but looks very capable of beating Louisiana, Texas State, and Alcorn State, so I’ll be pleased and unsurprised if they can make it to their second bye week with a 5-5 record and on the brink of bowl eligibility.

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