Best Uniforms from Week 6

Along with these articles, I will also start a Uniswag-style uniform countdown, but only with the top 3. These will be shared on the F5 Instagram page, which you can follow @forgottenfive.

So, how about that Group of 5? Quite a few teams cracking the top 25, and UCF making the top 10. It’s about time.

Along with surpassing Power 5 teams in the polls, this week’s GO5 uniform game was UNMATCHED. I swear I hadn’t seen a single P5 uni that compares to what we saw this week. The only strong contender is Minnesota with the gold chrome, but there’s not much “power” in the Golden Gophers.

Let’s take a look at who led the way this week in the uni game.


Bearcats, this is your first appearance on my list and it’s for the top spot! And rightfully so, this set was absolutely slick.

It’s the best of both worlds– a blackout with a splash of color. (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s satin)

Let’s go top-down on this uniform.

This helmet is so sharp, I have few words for it. I’m a sucker for satin, and this sure got me. Cherry red with the satin finish adds a pop to this uniform and breaks up the monotone look of what would be an ordinary blackout. The black and white on this are even balanced, leading to an overall amazing lid.

The Bearcats’ jerseys were their typical black ones, the same font, same “Cincinnati” text across the chest. The sleeves have the Bearcat pattern and the logo the the negative space. I’m typically against logos on jerseys, but teams like Cincinnati, UCF and Temple make it work.

Finishing off the #1 set were black pants with the Bearcat pattern in the Under Armour-style front pant stripes.

North Texas

For the second week in a row the Mean Green are #2, and for good reason. While last week’s uniform was a throwback, this was undeniably modern. Because, you know, variety is the spice of life.

There’s absolutely nothing to complain about with this set. It’s icy, fresh and clean.

Who doesn’t love a chrome dome? UNT certainly does, and that’s what they sported this week. The chrome helmet with the kelley green eagle wing decals almost reminds you of Oregon and their winged helmets, but I have to say, I like this one better.

Underneath the lids was the traditional North Texas away jersey. White with kelley green accents and then the sublimated wing pattern on the sleeve.

Finishing off the trifecta was is the kelley green pants.



The Rebels and the Bearcats shared something that both got em on this list: satin red lids. Those and script ones are the way to my heart.

UNLV’s lids featured a black facemask and the curved ‘UNLV’ logo in silver for a bit of a pop. Overall, a very tough looking helmet.

Jerseys were the traditional red jerseys the the Rebs wear. This is one uniform where I don’t like the logo on the sleeve, but I’m letting it slide for this one time. The black and silver accents on this really make it complete.

The last piece of this set was white pants with “Las Vegas” in silver text and a faint red outline streaking down the side of the pants.

Overall, a very sharp uniform. More of a traditional look, but it’s good to mix it up every now and then.

Honorable Mentions

Tulane: The Wave consistently have sharp sets, but this for some reason didn’t quite do it for me as much as usual.
Rice: Honestly, I’ve got to give the Owls props. The mixed up their uniforms a bit over the offseason for the better.
ECU: The Pirates had some pretty solid sets this week. Purple is a hard color to pull off.

Looking ahead to Week 6

Charlotte: By the time I wrote this, they already wore their gold chrome lids.
MTSU: Bringing the ICE
Old Dominion: BLACKOUT

We’re in the meat of the season, and conference play is starting to get more interesting. Hopefully the uniforms we see later will be too…

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