Miami Redhawks Have Found a Classy Way to Show Respect to Cancer

Me personally, I’ve had just about enough of every sport, car dealership, pizza joint and so forth pulling a “hey guys, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, lets wear a bunch of pink stuff!”

Which has now been followed in suit by “wearing X color to raise awareness about X cancer”. I’m not entirely against this, save for the ubiquitous pink breat cancer initiative.

I mean this specifically in the sense that, after a decade of raising awareness about breast cancer, I’m fairly certain that the public is plenty aware of breast cancer at this point, and that buying pink stuff isn’t forwarding anything but corporate bank accounts.

But cancers (of all types) are still very important, and bringing attention to them is equally so. How do we address it?

By doing clever things like what you see pictured above; the Miami (OH) Redhawks football team will be wearing helmets tomorrow with ribbons on one side, and each player will wear the ribbon color of the cancer they choose (the type that they have been impacted by.

The Redhawks are also auctioning off a select number of the helmets (they ain’t cheap, bidding starts at $250), and that site contains more info about the cause:

Members of the Miami Football team were able to pick from nine ribbon colors-
*Red- Blood cancers- selected by 8 players
*Orange- Kidney cancer & Leukemia- selected by 12 players
*Pink- Breast cancer- selected by 32 players
*Green- Liver, Ovarian and Cervical cancers- selected by 8 players
*Purple- Leiomyosarcoma, Pancreatic & Testicular cancers- selected by 14 players
*Blue- Colon & Esophageal cancers- selected by 14 players
*Yellow- Bladder & Sarcoma/Bone cancers- selected by 11 players
*White- Lung cancer- selected by 9 players
*Black- Melanoma- selected by 4 players

Eight helmets will be available for public auction. The winner of each helmet will have their choice of awareness ribbon color.

All proceeds will go to Swoop’s Stoop, a Miami student-athlete run organization that partners with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to provide opportunities and experiences to children and families who are battling cancer.

Make sure you tune in at 1:30 central time to check out the Redhawks’ uniforms, to watch them (probably) win against Kent State, and to indirectly show some support. And you don’t need to auction bid on a helmet, you can always just donate $5 to a charity of your choosing. Every little bit matters

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