Navy Finally Makes a Change at Quarterback, But is it Too Late?

It only took half of the season for something that should’ve happened at the beginning of the year.

Garret Lewis is now the starting quarterback for the Navy Midshipmen.

Malcolm Perry has been starting at QB since the Army/Navy game, but he received playing time there in a few other games last year.

Perry is a slotback, that is where he is at his best. He made a ton of plays for the Midshipmen from that position.

When they used him at QB in their last two games, it worked because Army and UVA weren’t expecting to see him play there.

But while he was at QB, the Navy offense consisted of QB dive and b-back dive. He couldn’t pass or pitch the ball.

The triple option that Military Academy fans have grown accustomed to was now just read-option offense.

This season the Navy offense has been average. Which isn’t normal for Navy, their offense is normally in the top 25-30 in most categories.

Having Perry at QB hurt the offense and we saw it the most in the Air Force game.

The Mids had 178 yards of total offense against an Air Force defense who gives up 333 yards a game.

I said it in the Army season preview that I thought Garret Lewis would be the starter by the Army/Navy game, he is the better triple option QB.

Having him on the field with Perry at slotback could spark the Navy offense, but the change might’ve come too late.

Navy’s next four games are:


Notre Dame

@ Cincinnati


If they made the change before the Air Force game, maybe Garret Lewis could’ve gotten into a better rhythm and gotten into the flow of the offense more. Who knows, with him under center, they probably beat Air Force and Temple.

If they accomplished that, they would be sitting at 4-2 and everyone is looking at this Navy team differently then we are looking at them now.

Now Navy will be lucky to get two more wins. I personally have them losing out, but they might be able to beat Tulsa in Annapolis.

It will be interesting to see how the Navy offense looks the rest of the season, I hope they get it together. College football is at its best when all three Military Academies are playing good football.

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