Best Uniforms from Week 7

What kind of Twilight Zone is college football this year? I mean seriously? Not just GO5, but all conferences. Tennessee beating Auburn? Michigan State going into Pennsylvania to beat #8 Penn State? And then the giant slayers of Iowa State bringing down #6 West Virginia, not to mention Tulsa giving USF a scare. And UCF was 2 points away for having their win streak snapped. Scary stuff, but it is Spooky Season, folks.

Okay, this isn’t what you came here for. You came here for some uniforms. Here you go:


Another week, another combination for the swagged-out Owls. This has got to be one of my favorite temple combinations, aside from any of the ones with the script helmets.

At the top, they had a matte black lid, with a black facemask. The red ‘][‘ (Temple T) logo was sported on each side, and the new diamond helmet stripe across the top, also in red. This is the first time we’ve seen this helmet from the Owls.

The jersey was the traditional road white for Temple, which if you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ve heard me describe a thousand times.

But for those who haven’t, I’ll do it again. But if you’ve read my work before, you can skip over this part.

The white Temple jersey starts off with “Temple across the chest atop the numbers. Also on the chest are some vertical “stripes”, which are basically just diamond ‘fades’. On the sleeves is the Temple T logo. Bam, done it again.

Finishing off the top set of the week were black pants, which I’ve also described before. Once again, you can skip over this next bit if you’ve seen this too many times already.

The black pants had the same striping pattern on the side as is on the helmet, except this one was on a white background do it would stand out more. “TEMPLE TUFF” is diagonal on the right side of the pant leg.

This is probably the toughest looking uniform worn all week. It was no debate that this would take the #1 spot.

Boise State:

While the team has been rather… underwhelming… they still have some of the best uniforms in all of the Mountain West, and they probably wore the best combo in their arsenal. ICED OUTTTTTTTT!

This set is pure ice from head to toe. Starting off with the lid. The white shell with the chrome facemask featured the oversized blue Bronco logo on one side, and the player number on the other. I really like this one.

The Broncos rocked the normal away uniform they typically do, with the orange and blue diagonal stripes on the sleeves. This isn’t a normal striping pattern, but it certainly isn’t bad. The Broncos make it work, just like they worked Nevada… actually it was kind of close. Never mind that.

Traditional white pants for the Broncos, but these and the white socks and cleats bring it to a satisfying end. I guess as the weather gets colder, the uniforms do too.

I really don’t give Boise State enough credit for their uniforms. They really have some solid sets, but I just wish they could still wear all blue at home and hide in the end zone on kickoffs.

Coastal Carolina

The Chanticleers made a surprising jump onto this list, but they deserve it. Teal isn’t traditionally a good sports color, but Coastal and the San Jose Sharks both do it pretty well.

The Chants wore their normal glossy black helmet that reminds me of the Jaguars, and I think this is who Jax copied when they came out with their new ones.

Their jerseys were that beautiful teal color that’s been debated if it’s blue or green. If you say it’s green, you’re wrong.

The jerseys had black text and a white outline, which helped the text stand out a bit more. And while I’m not really a ‘side panel’ kinda guy (and these uniforms had them), they weren’t exactly distracting and somewhat worked. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the white with the black stripe on the side of the jersey is a panel. Not my favorite thing, but these ones aren’t terrible unlike the Patriots’ away jerseys…

The pants were also teal, and with the same side panel instead of a pant stripe. On pants I think it’s definitely okay, just not on jerseys please.

These uniforms certainly weren’t icy, they didn’t exactly have a “tough” look, they were just a good set with colors that work very well together.

Honorable Mentions

Army: Best way to beat the San Jose heat? Gold-white-white!
Tulsa: Golden Hurricane rolled with the blackout. Loved the lids.
UCF: Icy, but the decals were a bit hard to see.
UAB: Matte gold lids? Yes please.

Miami (OH ) Athletics

Miami (OH): These are in a class of their own, and it’s all because of their helmets. If you didn’t know already, the RedHawks wore white shells with different cancer awareness ribbons. So we’re calling this a Very Honorable Mention.

Looking ahead: Week 8

UAB: The Blazers are going to be wearing their grey sets with different children with cancer’s names on the back instead of their own.
UCF When are they not in this conversation?

Holy crazeballs. What a week, and it’s starting back up again soon. Man, I love college football.

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