Best Uniforms from Week 10

Last week I missed because my week was absolute hell, so hopefully this article is good enough to make up for missing Week 9!

Last week was a bit of a lull in the uniform game, so it’s not really like I missed anything anyway. Other than Texas State’s throwbacks and Arkansas State’s icy uniforms, not much happened.

But this week was a better week for uniforms. Much better. There were some pretty solid blackouts, UCF had their space game, a few teams broke out some ice, and a few military appreciation lids. Good week.

Speaking of these, lets jump into which ones were best.


UCF’s space game means they had to wear some space themed uni. And boy, did they ever. This was one big step from just their space themed helmet from last year. This year’s was something special.

Starting with the lid, This year’s was completely different from last’s. Still all black but the decals, but with much more “spacey” decals. The decals feature what looked like the night sky with some blue accents and stars standing out.

The Knights’ jerseys were nothing short of boring. Starting with the numbers, the Knights used the same font as always, but this time they were reflective and had a blue trim to pay homage to Florida’s surrounding bodies of water. The nameplate font had a very space feel, it was a very futuristic look. Every shape was made out of a few rectangles, and these weren’t reflective.

The shoulders were black just like the jersey, but they were accented by constellations, which is what really shouted “space” on these uniforms. The same constellation accents were on the collar, along with an astronaut mascot logo, named Citronaut. It’s also important to point out the constellations actually represent roads and buildings on UCF’s campus on the helmet, pants and collar. But on the sleeves is the constellation Pegasus, which is where they normally have their Pegasus logo sublimated.

The pants are also black and have the constellations down the side, and feature Citronaut on the top of the right leg.

Safe to say this secured the bag as #1. In fact, was there ever any doubt? I’d just like to see them play Houston in these, I think that would be pretty funny.


Buffalo broke out a brand new lid and these are absolutely sharp.

Buffalo’s lid from the week was their classic satin blue, but with black decals adorning the sides, and a black helmet stripe. Both featured a white outline so they would stand out better. This is my favorite helmet from Buffalo all year.

The Bulls wore their black jerseys with this, which is only right. Wearing this with blue would’ve looked weird.

The black jerseys were just like Buffalo’s normal blues, but black, with white numbers and a blue outline. Perfect to match the black on the helmet.

Finishing off my #2 uniform were all black pants, no color on them at all.


Army wore their ever famous blackout, and the Cadets dressed to impress while retaining the Commander in Chief’s trophy, their first back to back CIC’s in program history.

But enough about the game, let’s look at those unis!

All black helmet. Matte shell and a slightly glossy facemask. Glossy stripe down the center, and you’ve got Army’s blackout helmet. Complete with a 3-D bumper on the back reading “West Point”. ‘Nuff said.

Traditional black home jerseys worn by Army. Nothing different, just good ol’ black and gold. Gold being on the cuffs and numbers.

All black pants, just like Buffalo. Need I say more?

This is probably one of the best blackouts in all of college football.It also doesn’t hurt that they have a win streak in these uniforms, dating back to last season in the blowout win over Fordham.

Honorable mentions

Temple: Long time readers will know how I love those script lids.
Air Force: Played a tough game, wore some pretty cool lids, not going to lie.
SMU: Gotta say, I love their shade of blue.
Houston: Red chrome and white = pretty slick.
Southern Miss: I loved their military appreciation lids.

This was an interesting week for uniforms. Not bad, and it was definably better than last week’s, so that’s a good sign. I think we’ll see a bit of a ramp up next week.

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