Week Twelve Group of Five Top 10 Poll

The AP Poll and Coaches Poll did good, the CFP Poll did not bad for once. But this is still the most reliable poll, and if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

  1. UCF- Top dog remains top dog. Now it’s time for their biggest test so far, Cincinnati.
  2. Cincinnati- Speaking of Cincinnati… The Bearcats beat USF this past week handing the Bulls their third straight loss. And is this weeks edition of “it’s not my poll, but it really is, ugggghhh you get what I’m trying to say”: I had Utah State here but ya know, polls.
  3. UAB- The Blazers survived Southern Miss with a huge touchdown in OT. Not only did that move them to 7-0 in C-USA play, but it clinched the C-USA West division.  Two years after not having a program they are sitting at 9-1 and 7-0 in conference.
  4. Utah State- Well they continue to put up video game-like numbers, they put up 804 total yards of offense and 62 points. Was it against SJSU? Yes, but that’s still really impressive.
  5. Buffalo- The Bulls just keep winning. They will be tested against Ohio tonight though. I still have them winning big.
  6. Army- So you know that picture of Monken throwing a chair? Yea it’s for this… HOW IS ARMY STILL BEHIND BUFFALO????? Army blew them out in Buffalo. Ok that’s all, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
  7. Troy- Troy stays put at seven, they won, but it wasn’t the most impressive thing ever, not to say it wasn’t a good win either, but we will keep them here.
  8. Fresno State- I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed… NEXT
  9. Boise State- They should be above Fresno, but the voters say otherwise and every vote counts… I’m looking at you Florida
  10. Middle Tennessee- Welcome to the Top Ten, the way this works is, you have to be best friends with me when I put you here. I will look forward to my follow on Twitter.

Others Receiving Votes

Georgia Southern, Appalachian State, UNT, Marshall, La Tech, USFSan Diego StateTemple, SMU, ULM, NIU

One thought on “Week Twelve Group of Five Top 10 Poll

  1. Strange Buffalo is ahead of Army, when Army beat Buffalo at Buffalo, Boise State is behind Fresno State and Boise State just beat Fresno State. What is with that type of rankings? Army lost to Duke, who is 7-3 and to Oklahoma who is 9-1 and ranked number 6 while blowing out Buffalo 42-13. There is no way Buffalo has any case to be ranked ahead of Army. And the voters just seemed to have ignored Boise State just beat Fresno State. Bogus rankings


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