What We Learned in Week Eleven of The Group of Five

Who needs an intro? Let’s get right into the fun stuff

American Athletic

The AAC West: a month ago it looked like Houston was going to run away with the division, then they lost to SMU and Temple. Now there is a three-way tie atop the division with Memphis only a game behind. If the season ended today there would be a rematch of SMU/UCF in Orlando.

Too Many Bowl Teams: So the AAC has seven slots and could end up with eight bowl-eligible teams. Luck for them, there is likely to be a shortage of six-win teams.

Houston’s Defense is Worse Than UConn: This one is short, but Houston has given up 189 points in their last four games, in that same span the Huskies have given up 116. Yeesh Houston, you might want to fix that.

Conference USA

UAB: They were dead, then they returned, now they are going to play in the C-USA Championship Game. What an amazing story. These guys are incredible, look for them to upset Texas A&M this week.

MTSU: Their situation is crazy. They can host the conference championship game, go to UAB, or not be in it at all. It all comes down to their loss to FIU. If the season ended right now, the Panthers would go through.

UTSA: *insert “oh, no baby what is you doing” meme*

It’s the little victories Jared.

They Road Runners started the season 3-3 and are now 3-7. They have been outscored 155-30 in those four games… yea, not looking to good in San Antonio.


Nothing learned, it all went as expected. Army won, NMSU and Liberty got blown out.


NIU/Buffalo all but guaranteed: WMU lost, thanks to the most predictable two-point conversion play call ever. I don’t know how they didn’t see the run up the middle coming, but oh well. The Broncos loss clinched NIU’s spot in the MAC Championship Game.

Mountain West

Utah State/Boise State Semi-Final: while the championship game isn’t decided just yet, this game will determine who gets in from the Mountain division.

Fresno State Needs a Win: A win over SDSU will send the Bulldogs to their second consecutive MWC Championship Game. A loss and it gets extremely messy. Fresno, SDSU, and Nevada would all be 5-2 and Fresno would hold the tie-breaker over Nevada, who holds the tie-breaker over SDSU, who holds the tie-breaker over Fresno.

Sun Belt

ULM/ULL Could Be More Than a Rivalry Game: If ULM beats Arkansas State, it would set up a winner take all in the ULM/ULL game for the division. Keep your eyes on this one, could be a lot of fun.

Troy/App State Winner Take All Game: November 24th could see a second winner takes the division game if both teams win on Saturday. Troy took care of business against GASO to stay undefeated in SBC play. The matchup in Boone, NC will send the winner to the championship game.

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