First look at Army’s Army-Navy Game Uniform

All images via Army Football, and USMA.

The Army Black Knights revealed their uniforms that they will wear vs Navy, a game where they are favored by 12.5 points (this number may have changed by the time I wrote this).

The Cadets’ uniforms will be paying homage to the 1st Infantry Division.

As the website for the uniform, states, the Big Red One was the:
“The FIRST permanent division in the regular Army.
The FIRST American division to fight in the first World War.
The FIRST to use modern, combined arms operations.
The FIRST to defeat the enemy at the Battle of Cantigny.”

Let’s break down this straight heat:


Army Navy Uniform Shoot
West Point, NY

The Black Knights helmet is reminiscent of a World War One 1st Infantry Division soldier’s helmet. While all black, it features the Big Red One patch on the front of the helmet, similar to last year’s. Also like last year’s, the all black helmet features a textured and weathered finish. On the back is the WW1 era flag that they’ve used many times before.

Jersey and undershirt

Army Navy Uniform Shoot
West Point, NY
Army Navy Uniform Shoot
West Point, NY

The jersey is also black, with gold and red accents. On the shoulders is a sublimated and oversized “Black Lions of Cantigny” logo, similar to UCF’s Pegasus.

The numbers and letters are in gold, with a classic drop shadow on the font. The font itself is the exact same as the Big Red One’s. The front name patch’s text is in red and so is the Nike logo. The back also features the same font and “ARMY” on the nameplate.

On the collar shines the Army logo and a little patch commemorating the division the player will represent.

The undershirt is all black with a sublimated Black Lions logo on the chest with the Division logo on the left arm with the crossed rile one on the other.

Pants and cleats

Army Navy Uniform Shoot
West Point, NY

The pants are also all black with a reflective Army logo on one side and the red Nike logo on the other.

Black cleats with red accents and chrome gold bottoms finish off the uniform. On the back of the cleats reads “Army” on the left and “Big Red One” on the right.

My analysis

In my opinion, these could be the best uniforms from Army for the game yet, and probably will be the best uniform all year.

Army always does a great job with digging up history for their uniforms, and this year is no different. They went so in-depth, there’s even a logo for the mascot of the division, who was Rags, a dog.

The equipment staff and Nike both did a great job by using red, but also not over-using it, and keeping the traditional Army gold.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but sublimation makes the uniform. There are little details all over this uniform that I’m willing to bet I haven’t even picked up on, and probably won’t.

With that being said, I certainly can’t do this uniform justice through my words. Check it out for yourself at

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