Going Bowling: The Knights Will Face LSU in the Fiesta Bowl

Back to back New Years Six bowls for the Knights.
This time they will face off against ABC in the Fiesta Bowl. The last time they played in the Fiesta Bowl they faced off against Baylor and won 52-42.
Back to back undefeated regular seasons and UCF doesn’t make the playoff is a different rant for a different article, because now we celebrate another NY6 Bowl game.
LSU hails from the “mighty” SEC Conference (extreme sarcasm) and is 9-3 and 5-3 in conference play.
This wasn’t UCF’s dream matchup of UCF vs. Florida in the Peach Bowl, but the Knights will be up and ready for a chance to beat another SEC team. It should be a fun matchup; the game takes place on January 1st at 1 PM ET.

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