Cam Thomas Will Not Be Returning To USMA

The QB who started one game and appeared in four other games will not be returning to the team next season.
I saw a bunch of players posting pictures with him on social media on Thursday afternoon and it confused. In talking to him, he said: “so I’m [pursuing] my academic & athletic career elsewhere”.
According to people close to the situation, he was academically separated from the Academy.
Thomas had 306 rushing yards, three rushing touchdowns, and one passing touchdown.
There is no doubt Cam will be missed in the QB room and by Army fans all over; after his performance in the Miami (OH) game, he became a fan favorite.
With all this being said, everyone at IOA wishes Cam the best of luck in the future and wherever he ends up. He is really talented and any team would be lucky to have him.
The new back up will likely be sophomore Tyhier Tyler.

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