Hockey Continues Win Streak vs RMC

Army vs the Royal Military College (Canada) is the longest continuing international rivalry in all of sports, and one that has shown the Americans’ superiority at Canada’s own sport. Army has recently dominated this series, winning 12 in a row vs the Paladins.
Army’s starting forward line was Fidler, Soucie and Wilson with Berkovitz and MacAfee defending the blue. Matt Penta started in net as well.
The first period was relatively uneventful, with a shot off the pipe and a close call for Army. The Black Knights did lead in shot totals, 13-3 though.
6 minutes into the 2nd period, RMC got on the board. But 3 minutes later, Dineen notched both teams at 1 with assists from Higgins and Maruya.

This was a beautiful setup. A smooth breakout lead to a nice little tic-tac-toe between the Black Knights and then a clean shot from the high slot between 2 defensemen. This really should’ve been stopped by RMC,being a 3 on 3 play. The right defenseman didn’t step up, and the left didn’t cover the other wing, leaving a nice crease for a shot in a high-percentage area.
But, a little over 1 minute later, RMC reclaimed the lead and the teams went into the locker rooms after that score.
In the 3rd period, Matt Penta came up with a HUGE stop to keep the Paladins at only 2.

With 9 minutes left in the 3rd, Colin Bilek came up with the tip-in goal from a Berkovitz shot.

This is pretty much a textbook tip drill. Win the faceoff, move the puck between defensemen to the open side, lauch the puck low on net, and fight in the crease for the goal.
Less than a minute later, Colin Bilek scores AGAIN to put the Black Knights up 3-2.

Once again, another textbook play. A clean zone entry, then a shot taken low and to the far side. The goalie lets up a rebound, and a forward is right in the high slot to score off the rebound.
Then, with one minute left, Soucie scored off a 5-3 power play.

Nothing really to say about this one, just Army playing the umbrella well against an undermanned RMC penalty kill squad.
And then to cap it off, Zach Evancho scores on the empty net. (It wouldn’t really be an Army win if Evancho didn’t score.)
With that win, not only has Army gone undefeated in back-to-back rivalry weekends (tied twice vs Air Force), but Matt Penta got his first career start AND win.
The Black Knights are back at it this weekend at RIT in Rochester, New York.

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