The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Uniforms: Part One

Now that it’s the college football offseason, let’s take some time to reflect on stats, standout players, and our favorite memories from the season.

And you can throw all of that out the window now because it’s uniform time.

Just a quick note: This will be a 3 part series, this being part one.

The Good

These are teams that don’t need to change much, if anything at all. These names will all sound familiar because they’ve been on my weekly lists. They have some of my favorite uniforms in the G5, and all of college football. Not all the teams who have amazing uniforms are on here, though (such as Army, Memphis and Cincinnati). These are just a few particular standouts.

The Knights have had a consistent, sharp look featuring black, gold, white and pewter. Even blue, as we saw with their space uniform. They never disappoint in the uni game, and I wouldn’t really make many changes, other than keeping the sublimated Pegasus on all of the jerseys. That includes the 2 with gold numbers, which instead feature the Knight logo.

Also, did anybody else notice that UCF wore 3 different black jerseys this season? 3. The normal black home jersey, the one with gold numbers and white accents (which they introduced last year), and then the space themed ones. I’m certainly not complaining, I just can’t think of another team in any other sport wearing 3 different jerseys of the same color. But hey, you do you, UCF.

Favorite combination: White helmets- black and gold jersey- white pants

Ah, Tulane. I could always depend on them for a solid top 3 spot almost every week, and for good reason.

Tulane knows how to utilize their colors, which are some of the cleanest in the game. The dark olive green, powder blue, black and white all contrast really nicely with each other. The Angry Wave logo looks so much better than the T-wave one, too. That was an excellent move by the team from last season. Overall, just awesome work.

If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to maybe clean up the jersey a little bit. Maybe use a wider font, get rid of the chest text, and either make the black a little more prominent on the striping pattern or remove it completely. But even if they didn’t change anything, that’s okay because there certainly isn’t anything truly wrong with the sets they have now.

Favorite combination: white-blue-blue


Temple’s red script lids are some of my favorite in all of college football. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I looooooove those helmets.

And it doesn’t hurt that the Owls have a great color scheme: crimson, grey, black and white. They all work together on almost every combination temple could wear. As far as we’ve seen, they’ve only had 1 bad combination and that was in their bowl game vs Duke.

The small details of the uniform are great too. The fade that we see on the uniform is made up of small diamond shaped pieces. And in my opinion, Temple is the only team that can pull a fade-look off like that. Maybe Syracuse, but I’m more in favor of Temple.

The look is different and unique, and unlike other “unique” uniforms, it actually looks good.

Just as long as they don’t wear these ever again.

Favorite combination: red script helmet-white-white

Bubble team: Arkansas State. The tire tread Adidas uniform held them back, as did having different striping patterns on each jersey. They could fix it easily by upgrading to the PrimeKnit template, and ditch the different stripes and stick with TV numbers on the sleeves. They would then have, in my opinion, the outright best uniforms in the Sun Belt. Their only competitors would be Coastal Carolina and Georgia State.

Next up: The Bad.

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