Alliance of American Football Uniforms, Ranked

With the Alliance of American Football starting up and the high publication around the looks for each team, why shouldn’t I try to rank them?

Well, it turns out that it’s really hard. No particular uniform stands out as terrible, and none amazing. Don’t get me wrong, these are mostly solid uniforms, but it’s little things that set teams back. If I didn’t have to put a team last, I wouldn’t, and if I didn’t have to declare a uniform the best, I wouldn’t do that either.

So with that, the team that’s first and the one that’s last are going to be like Syracuse when they were ranked 13 in the CFP rankings: someone had to be there.

With that being said, let’s get into the rankings.

8. Arizona Hotshots

There isn’t a whole lot to hate about the uniform, but I don’t think the orange accents particularly worked in it’s favor. When I see the yellow, green and orange, it makes me think of a big pot of soup. Not a football team from Arizona. It looks a little rough on the side panel too, but I guess that’s unavoidable with these uniforms. Maybe the uniform would look a little better if the helmet was green and had a yellow facemask.

What I do like on the helmet, though, the the creativity with the front of it and sneaking in the “AZ”, like they have on their logo. It took me a few looks to notice it, but it’s a clever use of letters.

7. Orlando Apollos

For a helmet that I like a lot, the rest of the uniform isn’t much to write home about. Yeah, it’s got a shoulder yoke but it does it necessarily look good? Not really, and there’s a weird curvy shoulder panel with an awkward gradient.

I like the font, but otherwise it just looks way too busy. So overall, not a fan.

6. San Antonio Commanders

Going with two tones of red was a bold move that didn’t particularly pay off.

I’m not exactly sure on how to feel about this helmet. I would’ve left the logo off the right side and put numbers on both. I’d rather they do this because having the sword on both the logo and the bottom of the helmet is a little awkward, especially when they’re going different directions. The Alamo on the helmet and logo is pretty cool, though.

I also like the pants stripe that resembles a sword. That’s pretty clever.

5. Birmingham Iron

This is the only monochrome uniform in the Alliance, and black is the best color for that type of uniform. Sure, it may be “boring”, but I really think this is a tough looking uniform. I also surprising like the font too.

But, wearing all black in Birmingham might be a little rough… so hopefully it works out.

This is where the rankings start to get difficult, because there are parts of these uniforms that I really love, but then there are also those that are just meh.

4. San Diego Fleet

I really like this helmet. In the images it looks a little different than in real life, and that’s okay because the real one looks better. A nice glossy grey and a yellow facemask, along with glossy helmet decals make for a really good look.

The jersey also isn’t bad, and matches the helmet very well. The one part that I do have an issue with is the pants. Light grey on dark grey usually doesn’t work well together. In this situation, I would’ve used yellow pants instead with dark grey socks. If they had done that, they’d be ranked higher.

But overall, great look.

3. Memphis Express

Memphis definitely has one of the cleaner looks in the league. Overall it’s an above average uniform with just a few things I would tweak.

The first is making the helmet completely red, not the gradient. Just a satin red with a blue facemask and the same logo.

Next, I would get rid of the side panels, even though I know almost every team has them. They just don’t look great.

And last, although not necessary, add blue and white stripes on the pants. Maybe a double stripe pattern (like the Virginia Cavaliers) that cuts off at an angle about 3/4 of the way down the pant leg.

If they made these changes, they’d be at #1 without a doubt.

2. Salt Lake Stallions

Once again, an above average uniform that just needs a few tweaks.

While the helmet is creative and clever, it only has one shade of blue on it instead of both of them, making it stand out in a not-so-good way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, but maybe could use some dark blue accents or a recolored facemask.

The jersey itself is pretty solid. Salt Lake and Starter made the right call by making the numbers the dark shade of blue and the accents the lighter shade, so it matches better with the other components. One thing with the side panel though: I would cut it off early so there’s only part of the colored part, and the notches on the pants.

Overall, a solid look.

1. Atlanta Legends

Did I exactly want to rank these guys at #1? Not really. They just have the most above average uniform in the league.

Purple is a hard color to pull off, but Atlanta did it pretty well with the shade of gold they use. I also am a fan of gold chrome on the matte helmet. What I’m not a huge fan of, though, is how the helmet shade of purple doesn’t exactly match the jersey’s. It’s not a huge issue, but still stands out a bit.

The “ATL” on side is something that should be sublimated, but doesn’t look terrible in gold.

I think the AAF and Starter both got a little crazy, and that brought down the value of the uniforms. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not terrible, but they could be so much better with a few cleanup changes.

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