Defense Shines for San Antonio in Win Over Fleet

Football is back, and in the form of the Alliance.

San Antonio and San Diego faced off in the Alamodome to kick off the season, and it lived up to the hype despite a low score.

This was a game dominated by defense and headlined by inconsistent QB play on both sides.

The Commanders showed their defensive domination early on the Fleet’s first drive with this (now viral) hit:

From there, the Commanders’ defense was just getting started.

San Antonio racked up 4 more sacks in the first half, and then 1 more in the second.

San Diego’s defense also played well in the first half by never letting the Coms in the endzone. Their bend-don’t-break play resulted in San Antonio settling for only 2 field goals which came courtesy of 2 big 3rd down stops from the Fleet. Before the end of the half, San Diego tacked on a single field goal.

Each team had chances, especially the Coms who came away with this INT:

But due to offensive struggles, they couldn’t capitalize.

Quarterback play was inconsistent on both sides. Both showed flashes, but were never able to find the endzone. Logan Woodside dropped a few dimes and Bercovici led his squad down the field with 2 minutes left, but no touchdowns.

The second half provided 2 INTs, a TD and another sack for San Antonio and only 1 field goal and a tipped-pass pick for the Fleet.

Coincidentally, that Fleet INT lead to the second field goal to tie the game. But the Coms weren’t having it, so they drove down and scored this 3 yard touchdown:

They weren’t able to convert for 2 (keep in mind, there are no 1 point PATs in the AAF), so the score was 12-6.

At this point, all the Fleet have to do is score a touchdown to tie. Seems easy, right? Nope.

A few drives later, and the Commanders had the ball back with roughly 8 minutes left and were trying to eat up clock, but also make sure they get some points on the board before they’d eventually have to give it back to the San Diego.

So after a long drive, they added to their lead by making the score 15-6.

After the Commanders score, the Fleet had a chance and a little time. Nelson lead his squad to the red zone, before throwing the game-sealing pick:

When it was all said and done, the Commanders came out on top, 15-6.

Bercovici was 15 of 25 for a total of 176 yards, but was also sacked 6 times and threw two interceptions.

Woodside was 18 of 36 for 255 yards with two interceptions.

Greg Ward Jr. for San Antonio (the former Houston QB) had a great game, making a few checkdown catches and a beauty of a dime from Woodside for a large gain.

The Commanders face Orlando next Sunday and the Fleet take on Atlanta.

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