Fleet Beat Commanders in Week 1 Rematch

For the second game in a row, the Commanders were… de-fleet-ed.

I’m starting to think this team, and the entire league, is nothing more than a one week wonder.

I couldn’t even watch the whole game because it was just kind of… boring.

It seems like the only players who can actually catch the ball are defensive backs. I’ve seen more balls dropped in the AAF then I would being in a room with a bunch of pubescent boys. It’s bad. Not to say there aren’t players who don’t have the ability to, because there definitley are. But these guys just haven’t been performing at the same level as the first week of play.

In this game, Logan Woodside and the Commanders struggled to live up to the same expectations when they first beat San Diego. A game that did see quite a bit of offense despite the 15-6 score.

Early in the game, San Antonio found the end zone with this long touchdown courtesy of Mekale “Big Play” McKay:

But Woodside and Co. failed to score another touchdown all game. Greg Ward Jr. scored after a muffed punt, but the touchdown was overturned and they settled for a field goal.

That was all the scoring San Antonio would do for the night. San Diego, on the other hand, was just getting started.

After the Commanders scored their initial touchdown, the Fleet marched down for six. No extra point, but still a touchdown.

After a strong defensive stand, the offense got rolling but wasn’t able to create anything from it.

Then, Logan Woodside threw a pick that got returned for a touchdown, making the score 14-8 Fleet.

That’s when the points started to pile up. Phillip Nelson hit Nelson Spruce for 6 again, 22-8 Fleet.

To add insult to an injury that hadn’t even been fully received yet, Shakir Soto got revenge for “The Sack” in week 1…

Woodside got absolutely demolished. It was the first of 3 times he hit the turf that game.

To make it worse, Ja’Quan Gardner rushed down the field for another Fleet touchdown, upping the score to 28-8.

San Diego would tack on one more field goal before the end of the game.

When it was all said and done, Logan Woodside went 12/23, 151 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions. Mekale “Big Play” McKay 4 catches for 91 yards and the lone Commanders touchdown. Marquise Williams also took a few snaps for San Antonio, going 4/4 for 21 yards and ran 5 times for 33 yards.

Phillip Nelson went 17/25, 193 yards, two touchdowns, one interception. Ja’Quan Gardner had 12 carries for 122 yards and one touchdown.

To put it plainly, the Fleet got revenge. After bouncing back week 2, they played at home with a new intensity. They were fired up and weren’t going to lose to the same team twice. You know what is going to happen twice? Me using the same feature image as my last AAF article.

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