South Florida Upgrades and Updates Football Uniforms

Thankfully, the South Florida Bulls have updated their uniforms after a year of wearing… high school uniforms at best.

The Bulls are now the only team in the country to wear Adidas’ new WVN A1 uniform, the lightest and strongest Adidas uniform yet.

According to USF, “The advanced technology in the four-way stretch woven fabric combined with stretch mesh paneling throughout the jersey and pant provides for an elevated range of motion, compression fit and superior ventilation. Rigid mesh at key vent zones around the shoulder pads provides AERO.RDY breathability.”

You know what else that means? No more tire-tread pattern.

Not only did the material itself get an upgrade but the design got an upgrade, too.

Replacing the gold chrome logo on the sleeves is a big gold chrome bull horn, similar to the ones they wore with Under Armour. Both the white and green jerseys have the horn on a green sleeve.

On the white pants, there’s a new green stripe to tie them in to the rest of the white uniform.

It also looks like there’s a tweak to the font. To match the notch in the horn, there’s also a new notch in the curves of the numbers. That’s a cool little touch.

Other than that, the changes are subtle, like the Adidas logo is now on the right of the chest. The USF wordmark was also added on top of the nameplate, which has also been updated with a new font. The text on the pants has also been removed.

I, frankly, love these. They’re a major upgrade in multiple ways from last year’s uniforms and definitely got the changes they needed.

USF will debut these uniforms in Madison vs the Wisconsin Badgers in primetime on August 30th.

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