Charges Against Shai Werts Dropped; Will Play vs. LSU

What an insane week. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about it. If you have here’s a summary:
Last week at this time, Eagle Nation had just learned that its starting QB Shai Werts had been arrested for speeding and misdemeanor possession of bird poop on his windshield. The arresting officers field-tested the bird poop, which tested positive for cocaine. For more context read my article here.
It turns out that my first instinct, and most rational people’s instincts, about this case was correct. It was complete garbage. As we’ve covered field tests are notoriously unreliable, don’t take my word for it, take a look at Fox 5 in Atlanta’s Peabody Award winning investigation.
Deputy Solictor of the 11th Judicial Circuit of South Carolina, Al Eargle, dismissed the charges after sample tests, conducted by SLED, came back negative.
The time of the decision came after dash-cam and body-cam footage of the arrest was released, that made the arresting officers look….suspect to say the least. Here is the dash-cam footage:

Here is footage of what happened the moment Shai Werts was pulled over:

Here is a transcript of what the officers said at the time of the arrest.

From what I can tell, they were angry that he didn’t pull over immediately and treated him poorly because of it. Shai Werts handled the situation with poise and composure.
It’s the same demeanor Eagle fans have come to expect from Shai on the field. With the way those officers hounded him over a speeding ticket, it would have been enough to make anyone flip out. But Werts handled it with a level head that made the cops emotional reactions look even worse in comparison.
Those close to Werts and know him personally knew from the jump that this story seemed fishy. He has been a leader on and off the field since arriving in Statesboro. Last year he spent spring break serving on a mission trip in Cuba for Christian organization Athletes in Action.

His suspension was lifted after the charges were dropped. He’s back at practice. AD Tom Kleinlein released a statement and both Werts and Chad Lunsford addressed the media. Here is TK’s statement:

With the tumultuous first week out of the way, we can start focusing on actual football. One thing I can say is if Eagle Nation wasn’t awake before this fiasco, they sure are now.
The story made national news. Outlets like TMZ, ESPN, Fox News, CBS, and others picked up the story.
It has become yet another example of how young black men in the country continue to get mistreated by law enforcement. I don’t know what is in the hearts of the cops that arrived on the scene that day, but the optics aren’t the best.
Hopefully, the debates on the difference between cocaine and bird poop can be put behind us. Three weeks remain until the LSU game.
If there is one positive that can come out of this experience, it’s that Shai Werts can serve as an example of what you should do when pulled over.

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