Temple, Cincinnati among 9 Under Armour Teams to Reveal CFB 150 Throwbacks

On Tuesday, 9 Under Armour outfitted teams revealed brand new throwbacks to commemorate college football’s 150th season. Temple and Cincinnati were 2 G5’s among Wisconsin, Maryland, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Utah, South Carolina and Boston College.

All of them are sharp uniforms, but I particularly enjoy the Owls’ and the Bearcats’. Let’s break each of them down:


The Bearcats finally are wearing red again in this “multi-year-period” uniform. The design takes inspiration from the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s in a white-red-red style.

The helmet is pretty basic, but it’s a throwback, so it should be. On an all white shell stands a black/red/black tri-stripe with a white facemask.

The jersey, red or course, looks pretty familiar to anybody who’s played NCAA 14. If you thought “Teambuilder #6, you’d be spot on.

But for those of us who don’t get that reference, I’ll describe it for you.

In Indianapolis Colts style shoulder stripes is a white/black/white tri stripe pattern, as well as down each pant leg. White block numbers adorn the chest, sleeves and back.

That’s a triple fire emoji uniform right there.

As for the Owls, it wouldn’t be Temple without some diamonds, right?

Well, they’ve been toned down for this uniform but still make an appearance.

On a white shell is a thick maroon stripe with diamond cutouts from the front to end. On the side of the helmet appears to be some sort of decal but there are no images that provide a clue to what they are. I’d be willing to be it’s the classic Temple block T though.

Not necessarily a throwback helmet per say, as it takes a modern helmet stripe and their current logo, but still looks good.

The jersey is one of only 2 away throwbacks in this series, the other being Northwestern.

In a blocky, old-school font are maroon numbers on the chest and back. The shoulders feature a tri-stripe pattern, unlike Cincinnati’s. One thick line leaves some space to each side of it for 2 thin stripes.

All maroon pants finish of this beautiful classic uniform.


Both of these teams did well with their throwbacks and I’m excited to see each of them hit the field.

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