Eastern Michigan Reveals New Uniforms

It’s that time of the year, folks. We inch closer and closer to the first CFB game and more new uniforms are revealed. Just today, 4 new Adidas alternates were released for 4 Power 5 teams. They’re coming out by the buttload (a real unit of measurement, used to measure wine in medieval timhe es) and it honestly feels like nothing before.

But speaking of Adidas, The Eastern Michigan Eagles revealed their new, updated Adidas uniforms for the upcoming season.

These uniforms feature 3 different helmets, 2 jerseys and 3 pants.


Let’s start with the lids.

The situation here isn’t much different than it was last season.

The Eagles have the options of a satin green, nickel, or white colorways. Each of them has a chrome facemask, a chrome block E logo on each side, chrome center stripes (the green helmet has white side stripes and the nickel and white have green ones), as well as 3D bumpers that say “Eastern” and “Eagles” on the front and back, respectively.

A minor detail with these is that there are no more numbers above the facemask like the team had worn before.

It’s also worth mentioning that the E decals still have the diamond plate pattern, white the numbers don’t.


The jerseys have some notable differences between the new and old.

First, no more tire tread. These are on the Adidas PrimeKnit A1 template.

Like I mentioned above, the new numbers don’t have the diamond plate on them, nor do the sleeve stripes, they’re just silver.

Other than that, the striping pattern is the same on the sleeves. I was hoping that EMU would try to do something different on that front, but this isn’t a bad option.

The chest and back have some obvious differences as well.

The chest text is gone, so no more “Eastern Michigan” on the front.

The number font is different as well, a thicker, bolder typeface replaces the generic Adidas block font of last season’s uniforms.

The design of them is the same, though. As in, on the green jerseys, the numbers are silver with a white stroke, and silver with a green stroke on the white.

On the back, a new, bolder font also is on the nameplate. Just above, is an outline of the state of Michigan.


The pants remain a monochromatic colorway. The color options are the same as the helmets, green, white and grey.

While the green and white pants are on the PrimeKnit template, One of the photos I saw of the greys show the tire tread pattern. It could that they don’t have the new grey pants just yet and had to wear those old pants for the photoshoot.

Overall, I like the improvements made to these uniforms, but they don’t really do it for me. These uniforms are just okay, not necessarily in the good column yet.

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