The Year of the King: What JD King’s Presence Means for the Georgia Southern Offense

JD King

With JD King’s eligibility, Georgia Southern has added a dominant weapon to the running game. Based on the opinion of the preseason backfield rankings by many journalists, JD is definitely a sleeper to many Sunbelt fans. Very few fans outside of Georgia Southern know how big of a threat he can be to opposing defenses.
Playing in all 12 games as a freshman at Oklahoma State, he posted 469 yards on 99 attempts, averaging 4.7 yards a carry. The following season in 2018, JD’s stats and carries declined while receiving only 43 attempts through 8 games averaging 3.6 yards per carry. Oklahoma State rushed on 518 attempts in 2018, so it’s no surprise many Sunbelt fans are unaware of how big his eligibility is to Georgia Southern’s offense.
As a 4 star prospect, JD rushed for almost 6000 yards in his HS career. Posting 1798 rushing yards during his senior season with 21 rushing touchdowns and 549 receiving yards with 9 receiving touchdowns.

Running Backs By Committee

As it is well-known, GS is a run heavy offense. Often times with multiple runners in the mix for touches on each play. Due to the system, many running backs on Georgia Southern’s team are discounted.
The backfield is extremely strong this year. Aside from JD King, GS has Andrew Cunningham. The RB held 67 offers out of HS including 1 from UGA. The 6’0″ 215 lbs back can pound the rock. Another guy needing mention is Logan Wright. Logan has shown he can take it the distance while getting plenty of yards after contact. At a heavy 6’0″ 225 lbs, look for him to get a good number of shared carries.
Those guys are just one piece to the puzzle. The pure elusive speed backs like Matt LaRoche and Wesley Kennedy can make opposing teams pay in the air and on the outside pitch.

Potential Weakness

No one wants to hear it, but we have to talk about the potential elephant in the room, the offensive line. Riddled with injuries during camp. Constant position changes and game experience behind the 1’s is not ideal. Starting a new center, even Andy Kwon had issues his first year. Starting Drew Wilson at tackle after the injury of Brian Miller’s hip. Drew is an excellent player, however he’s been out a season battling vision issues. Following multiple surgeries and rehab, it looks like he could be the best back up any Sunbelt team could desire.  Moving forward, GS really can’t afford any more injuries on offensive line. Losing anymore players with valuable game experience could hurt GS’ chances at a title.

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