When a Win Feels Like a Loss…

UCF opened the 2019 season with a resounding 62-0 win over Florida A&M Thursday night in front of an announced crowd of 44,073.
As expected, Brandon Wimbush left much to be desired but was solid overall.
Dillon Gabriel looked comfortable and threw some beautiful balls but wasn’t tested much.
The defense played lights out, limiting the Rattlers to 96 yards on the night.
Kickers were perfect on their field goals and extra points. The punter averaged 42 yards per punt.
Everything worked out perfectly until Brandon Moore suffered a horrific leg injury. In a way too familiar scene, players from both teams gathered around Moore to pour out support.
Many have already questioned why defensive starters were still in the game with such a large lead. Josh Heupel indicated defensive players had a play count. The Knights’ defense dominated the Rattlers the entire first half, leading to a lack of reps for starters.
The injury to Moore surely brought back an all-too-familiar sense of dread for players and fans alike. If Knights fans never see an air cast again it’ll be too soon.
Injuries happen. They happen in non-football related activities. They happen in practice. They happen with and without contact.
Injuries are a part of football. Heupel and his staff more than likely feel awful about Moore’s injury especially because they feel like they could have prevented it.
Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Josh Heupel is beginning only his second year as a head coach. He has so much to learn. The hardest part of being a head coach has to be balancing Xs and Os with managing the welfare of a team of players, coaches, and staff.
The Knights looked good on Thursday night, but I can’t help but feel for Brandon Moore and for the team alike.
Winning can sometimes feels like losing.

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