Top 3 Uniforms of Week 1

I know this is late, but I’ve been swamped, so forgive me.

But if you’re a fan of good college football, then I’m sure you hope that every week is like this one. If I were to pick 1 word to describe it, it’d be: insanity.

Not only did we get some great games, but we also got some great uniforms. Here are my top 3 from this week:

#1: Boise State

As the Broncos dug themselves out of a hole to beat Florida State, they did it in style.

I don’t ever remember seeing this combo from Boise State before, but I’m in love with it.

Their iconic oversized bronco head adorned one side of their white helmet, accompanied by blue chrome number decals on the other side and a facemask in the same style.

Their basic white jersey looked really good with this uniform. Blue numbers with an orange outline were on the front and back, and the front numbers were just beneath “BOISE STATE” in a sharp, italic font.

On the sleeves are a striping pattern that was unique to Boise, until BGSU and Toledo copied it. 2 diagonal stripes, 1 blue, one orange.

A blue collar is the finishing touch, to pay tribute to the blue collar workers of Idaho.

The Broncos’ blue pants contrasted very nicely with the white jerseys and helmets; they really made this uniform.

Just a basic pair of blue pants that read “Boise State” down the sides in silver.

#2: Houston

The Cougars kept their game vs Oklahoma closer than the Sooners may have liked, but lets be real, Jalen Hurts ran all over that defense.

However, they looked pretty good as truck titled “Heisman contender” plowed through them.

It’s their basic red/white/red combo, but that glossy red helmet looked soooooo good under Gaylord Memorial’s lights.

That beauty of a helmet bore a crisp white facemask and had the UH logo on either side.

The white jersey contrasted nicely with it and the red pants, the jersey having a dual stripe pattern on each sleeve and reading “HOUSTON” across the chest. The numbers on the front and back were in a nice, blocky font that fit in nicely with the rest of the design.

The pants, basic as they are, 2 white stripes on red, contrasted well with the jersey, like the helmet did, to make on great cohesive design.

#3: Ball State

Part of this ranking is my relief that Ball State is properly utilizing it’s amazing color scheme with a design that actually works and is cleeeeeeeaaaan.


Starting off with this helmet, we see a bit of the old Ball State, which I don’t mind, it makes for a really cool clash of modern and classic.

On their white shell were a chrome red center stripe outlined in black, and then oversized player numbers in the same style. On the side opposite to the numbers was their good ol’ oversized Cardinal head logo. A black facemask completed the look.

Their new red jersey is the inverse of last year’s away, to make an actual cohesive and “uniform” look.

Using red as the base color, the jerseys had vertical tri-stripes over the shoulders, similar to the style worn by the Duke Blue Devils or the Indianapolis Colts, except these stripes were in a black/white/black style.

The numbers, in a block font, were white with a thin black outline, and only worn on the front and back. Above the front numbers read “Ball State”, in a style akin to Tulane’s.

The white pants were given some flavor with a black/red dual stripe pattern that went about 3/4 of the way down the side.

Honorable Mentions

Tulane: The Green Wave wore a traditional look, but with updated jerseys and pants.
Toledo: The Rockets also sported new unis, an all white look similar to Boise State’s.
Umass: The Minutemen, guess what, were ALSO wearing new unis, but on the Adidas PrimeKnit A1 template and with a simplified design.

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