Army Hits the Road, Takes Michigan to Overtime in Wild 24-21 Loss

Insanity. I’m not sure how I’m still alive.
Army led this game 14-7 for a good while and had third-and-goal with a chance to make that 17-7 or 24-7. But then K-Hop launched a wounded duck on third and goal, and Michigan turned it into a game-tying touchdown.
Army struggled to produce any more on offense, but Michigan couldn’t get out of their own way on defense, and Army was left with a field goal to try and win it at the end of regulation.
Unfortunately, we’re talking a 50-yard field goal attempt to beat #7 Michigan on the road by a plebe with zero collegiate attempts. He came close, but I’m not mad.
Army scored first in overtime, but then a debatable pass interference gave Michigan a first-and-goal that they could not convert.
A second overtime for Michigan produced a field goal, but Army had no answers as a sack-fumble on a third-down pass attempt meant the ballgame and yet another overtime road loss against a ranked opponent.
Army started the game with the ball and went three and out. I was worried that the game was going to get away from them right away, but the defense stepped up and forced the first of three first-half Michigan turnovers.
Kelvin Hopkins got the ball back and led the Black Knights on a ten-play, 60-yard drive topped off with a Sandon McCoy touchdown run from a yard out.
Michigan would respond in kind as they tied it back up after a Zach Charbonnet touchdown run.
The ensuing drive Army fumbled and Michigan ran it back for a touchdown, but the refs called it back, saying the Michigan player was down when he picked the ball up.
Hopkins and the Black Knights got the ball back after the defense forced a fumble on the very next play.
They forced to punt but the defense stepped up to the plate, forcing yet another turnover. This time around the Black Knights would not be denied. 11 plays later, Army punched it in the endzone to take a 14-7 lead that they’d keep going into the locker room at halftime.
Army played well, but for a second year in a row the Black Knights will be kicking themselves on the trip home.

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