Future Opponent Recap: Week 2

How about that Michigan game?…
[breaks down in tears]
Opponent Record: 4-4
My Picks: 6-2


My Prediction: Baylor 56-UTSA 10
Actual Score: UTSA 14-Baylor 63
The score of this game really says it all. Behind Charlie Brewer’s 163 yards, the Baylor Bears put up 14 points every quarter, besides the second, where they scored 21. The powerful Big 12 offense was just too much for UTSA’s defense. The Roadrunners got run off the road, although they did run for 2 touchdowns. Make sense? Probably not because I’m writing this while I’ve got other CFB games on in the background. Nonetheless, UTSA hosts Army next week where hopefully Army can continue to run all over the Roadrunners.

Morgan State



My Prediction: Tulane 24-Auburn 42
Actual Score: Tulane 6-Auburn 42
Tulane’s defense looked pretty sharp for at least the first half. They held the Tigers to only 2 touchdowns, while their offense could only muster 2 field goals all game. I expected this to go a little differently. maybe see a close game until after the half. Give the Green Wave defense some credit though, they held Auburn to less points than the Oregon Ducks. Their game vs Army is leading up to be something interesting.

Western Kentucky

My Prediction: WKU 17-FIU 42
Actual Score: WKU 20-FIU 14
Oh man, was I wrong about this one. The Hilltoppers opened up C-USA play with a big win over FIU, who is shaping up to big a disappointing team this year. This was a good bounce-back win for WKU, who hopefully gets better to give Army a good game (and make the schedule look a little better). Steven Duncan, WKU QB, didn’t look too hot, throwing 1 TD, 2 INTs for 304 yards (which is quite a few) and finished with a QBR of 32.8. That was still good enough for WKU to score in every single quarter. Go you, Tops.

Georgia State

My Prediction: GAST 35-Furman 10
Actual Score: GAST 48-Furman 42
They said Furman would give them a bigger challenge than Tennessee, and they were right. The Panthers had to come back and hold on to beat Furman. FURMAN. This is the same team that took it to Tennessee the week before. Power 5 indeed. But all joking aside, we really learned a lot from this game… the Volunteers are really bad. BYU even says so. And Georgia State is… 2-0.

San Jose State

My Prediction: SJSU 14-Tulsa 24
Actual Score: SJSU 16-Tulsa 34
SJSU was kinda in this game until the second half, where they got shutout in the 3rd quarter and had 2 touchdowns put on them in the fourth. The Spartans really don’t look impressive at all, against a very mediocre and lacking Tulsa team. I feel like it’s leading to the Black Knights once again, smacking SJSU. And if you look at it, the only stat SJSU led Tulsa in is… turnovers. The Spartans turned it over once, and the Golden Hurricane didn’t once.

Air Force



My Prediction: UMass 49-SIU 35
Actual Score: UMass 20-SIU 45
Oh, UMass. This is a whole new low. A loss to Rutgers is understandable. They’re a (albeit, not good) P5 team, but this… this is really, really bad. You lost to the team who’s logo looks like Trevor Lawrence. Have mercy on these poor fellas.


(I would put a tweet from VMI Football with the final score here… but, they’re not that active.)
My Prediction: VMI 45-Mars Hill 14
Actual Score: VMI 63-Mars Hill 21
So an FCS team demolished a D2 team… but still gave up 21 points. Boy, this Army schedule sure is looking… uh… I mean, at least we played a Top 10 FBS team.


My Prediction: Hawaii 49-Oregon State 42
Actual Score: Hawaii 31-Oregon State 28
Hawaii now has 2 straight PAC-12 (P5 nonetheless) wins. More than Oregon State can say about their past 2 years. Cole McDonald wasn’t perfect, but played well enough for the ‘Bows to win the game. 4 TDs, 1 INT for 421 yards ain’t bad. I’m just kinda surprised that it was as close as it was, Hawaii needing a 4th quarter field goal to win it. Hawaii has a chance to get it’s 3rd straight PAC-12 win next week when they travel to Washington to take on the Huskies.



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