A new punter has arisen in the battle for Sun Belt punting supramecy

The battle for the title of Sun Belt Punting King is still in its infancy, but a new challenger has risen from nowhere to upset the balance of power at the top.

The Big Three of Arkansas State’s Cody Grace, Georgia State’s Brandon Wright and Troy’s Tyler Sumpter have been joined by a surging Xavier Subotsch from Appalachian State.

The Australian was the starting holder last season after losing his job as the starting punter. He’s back with a vengeance.

Here are the cumulative stats so far through three weeks from the four mentioned punters.

Punts AVG Long NET In20 TB
Cody Grace 20 39.8 55 37.4 7 1
Brandon Wright 13 46.9 58 41 4 2
Tyler Sumpter 7 40.3 56 39.9 4 0
Xavier Subotsch 8 43.5 54 45.2 3 0


Subotsch is first nationally in return yards allowed with -14. Mind you, Grace set the record last year when he gave up just -15 return yards. Subotsch’s big game came against Charlotte, where he sent off five punts for an average of 43 yards per punt. One punt resulted in a -13 yard return.

Wright continues to be the strong leg of the group, but has seen a couple of punts roll into the endzone already. Even Grace, arguably the most accurate punter in the league, has a touchback.

Sumpter is off to a quietly good start, with a very tight punt average-to-punt NET ratio.

The punting battle will continue on as the first conference games of the year begin to trickle in. All it takes is one fatal mistake to throw a wrench in a promising punter’s season.


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