Top 3 Uniforms of Week 3

We saw some reaaaally good football this weekend, no doubt. But we also saw some pretty sleek uniforms.

Enough with the small talk, let’s get into them!

1. Cincinnati

I’m not the only one to rank these as the #1 uniforms from this week. Uniswag and Uniform Authority also felt these were #1 material. But here’s the thing that makes it more impressive there: they cover all of college football, whereas mine is just for the Go5.

So anyway,

Red uniforms finally returned for the Bearcats in a throwback fashion.

But here’s the thing that I’m happy about: I already wrote an article, so I’m not going to write the same thing twice.

You can read about them here, just know that they wore them this week vs Miami (OH).

2. Houston

Were these *particularly* fantastic? Not necessarily. Were they purposely made to look like the inverse of what Washington State was wearing (grey/white/white) like Nike does sometimes with 2 teams that share a similar color scheme? Most likely.

They looked a bit awkward, but not terrible. I think they looked best on the players who wore white cleats, just because it sort of tied it all together.

But this uniform was pretty simple, and not flashy at all.

On a white shell was a white facemask and the Cougars’ UH logo in black.

The jersey was black, with red numbers on the front and back, and read “Houston” across the chest. The name on the back was also in red.

The pants were also black but red “H-Town” in a small font on either side.

3. Tulane

Only fitting for the Green Wave to rock a green-out in front of their home crowd.

The previous week we’d seen Tulane rock a green/white/green combo, now it’s ALL GREEN.

Most of you probably know what they all look like and I’m trying to get this out ASAP, so I’m not gonna go into too much detail about these uniforms.

But those satin green helmets looked AMAZING as the sun set in NOLA.

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