Top 3 Uniforms of Week 7

Sorry I missed an article last week, school and other work got in the way there.

But I’m back this week to provide you with that epic uniform coverage from this past week of G5 football.

1. Memphis

The Tigers broke out a brand new uniform this weekend for their game vs Temple: a black and white rendition of one of their away uniforms.

The helmet was a matte black with glossy white stripes, similar to but different than those worn by the Cincinnati Bengals. A black facemask completed the look.

As for the jersey, business as usual… with a twist. Turn the blue on their normal away uniforms to black and you’ve got what they wore this weekend. Tiger stripes accented the shoulders as usual and the numbers and text were in their sharp font.

Completing the look were white pants as well as white socks and cleats.

I’m enjoying the new black and white wave. I figured it was coming before too long, because black on white is just too clean when you do it right. And Memphis sure did. It will probably get boring before too long, but Memphis did it at the right time, right after NC State wore their black on white uniforms, which were pretty clean as well.

2. San Jose State

The Spartans FINALLY make it in my rankings… and it’s all thanks to an icy PrimeKnit A1 uniform.

Truth be told, if this was on the tire tread template, I wouldn’t even consider this. But the PrimeKnit gives it such a big boost in overall appearance.

Breaking this uniform down, the Spartans rocked their new white helmet, featuring the logo on either side and a spear stripe down the center, complete with a white facemask.

The jersey, white, featured blue numbers on the front and back, and “San Jose State” in blue on the chest. On the sleeves, an interlocking SJ logo.

The pants were plain white with the spartan logo on the hip. Completing the look were white socks and cleats.

3. Tulsa

The Golden Hurricane ironically enough ditched the traditional gold helmet this past week for a blue helmet with white and gold accents that just looked too good with the blue jerseys and white pants.

The helmet was a gloss-ish blue helmet, with a faint hint of matte on them.

Anyway, on the blue shell were the traditional Tulsa script logo, and accented with a gold face mask. It looked sharp.

The jersey, also on the adidas A1 PrimeKnit template, the jersey perfectly matched the helmet with the amount of white and gold accents.

The Tulsa script logo was on the chest in white with a gold stroke, and the numbers were in the same style. Those numbers were featured on the front, back and sleeves.

That style is one of my personal favorites, simple and clean with a font that stands out, just maybe with a bit or sublimation somewhere.

The pants were white and featured the hurricane flag logo on the hip, as well as “Golden” on one leg and “Hurricane” on the other, both words in blue.

These just looked so sharp and clean. I really hope Tulsa wears these again, I like the blue helmets better than the gold when wearing white pants at home.

Honorable mentions:

Boise State:White/orange/white with script decals on the helmet.

Temple: who doesn’t love a good red-out?

Bowling Green:BGSU threw it back with the LT bird decal.

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