Army Drops Fourth Straight, Losing to SJSU 34-29

Army is not a good football team. There is no sugar coating it. Have injuries played a major role in the downfall? Yes, but that’s not an excuse.
At no point today was San Jose State able to stop Army’s offense. What continuously stopped Army was Army themselves. A Penalty here, a negative play there. These things add up and when you can’t throw effectively, you’re doomed on a third and long.
Josh Love, Army’s defense playing two-hand touch, and dumb penalties was the story of the first half.

From the start, Josh Love was ripping apart the Army secondary, he had 229 yards in the first half.
The corners were playing fine, it was the safeties that were struggling. Whatever Love wanted to do in the middle of the field he was able to do with ease.
Army couldn’t get any pressure either. The two times they did, Love completed big pass plays for first downs.
Army’s offense looked good on the first drive, they ran a two QB system with Kelvin Hopkins and Jabari Laws splitting time.
The drive was capped off with a Kelvin Hopkins passing touchdown to Cam Harrison.

Army’s offense didn’t do much of anything the rest of the half. Where they found a little bit of success was by going outside to Artice Hobbs and Kell Walker.
What hurt the most was the amount of injuries Army sustained in the first half, Jabri Laws, JB Hunter, and Peyton Reeder all went down in the second quarter. This to a team that was already without their two starting safeties Cam Jones and Jaylon McClinton.
Army gave their fans hope when they came out and scored on the first drive of the second half.
They made the game a one-possession game but at what cost? Kelvin Hopkins got hurt and wouldn’t return for the rest of the game. Christan Anderson came in and gave it to Sandon McCoy for the touchdown.
Then after back to back punts, this happened…

But Anderson and co. would give Army fans hope again, going on a 70-yard drive, to bring Army within eight points of SJSU. It was within eight and not seven because the snap on the PAT sailed over the holder’s head.
Desperately needing a stop on third and six, Army’s defense left a wide receiver wide open for a 22-yard gain, which eventually led to a Spartan field goal.
Army got a touchdown late on a nice run by Anderson, but they couldn’t get the ensuing onside kick.
Penalties, bad o-line play, and the inability to do anything on defense is why Army lost. Not the revolving door at QB. No matter who was under center, SJSU couldn’t stop the Black Knight offense.
The Black Knights will try to keep the losing streak next week with a tough game at Air Force… Buckle up Army fans, we are in for a bumpy ride.

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