Broncos Look To Blount Number 15 Oregon In Eugene

We’ve Got History

Boise State and Oregon are looking forward to a sixth match-up since 2015, which will take place on Saturday night.

Most sports fans aren’t surprised when the Broncos and Ducks face off on the gridiron (where Boise is undefeated in all their games). But close followers of the two school’s basketball programs will be quick to tell you that their basketball teams also hold a small rivalry.

Many memorable moments have taken place in the series, most notably Lexus Williams’s half court buzzer beater at Matthew Night Arena. That shot ended Oregon’s then nation-leading home winning streak, and boy, did it feel good to Williams.

He said of the shot, “As soon as I let it go, I thought it was good.”

I’m sure Legarrette Blount said that of another familiar shot as well.

Lexus’s stunner was quite the lost distance shot, and long distance shooting is exactly what Boise will bring to Oregon. In their 126-49 rout of Life Pacific on November 5th, the Broncos went 17-31 from 3-point land. Derrick Alston, a Redshirt Junior Guard, scored 25 points in the win and is already receiving NBA buzz. His chances to get to the league should remain high. That’s  as long as he doesn’t punch somebody in the face after the game on Saturday.

Tournament Implications

Oregon certainly won’t lay down in front of this Bronco Squad. After all, there’s a reason they’re ranked 15th in the nation. Payton Pritchard, a Senior Guard native to Oregon, was there for the Lexus Williams shocker. He’ll come in motivated and ready to lead his Ducks, who I expect to win few games and make the NCAA tourney in the process.

For Boise to reach lofty goals of the same capacity, a quality road win is needed. Bronco head coach Leon Rice will bring the energy needed for those goals to Eugene. Well, at least you’d think he would after watching him trudge across a freezing river.


Yeah, I’m a bit biased. You can probably tell. But it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to determine that Boise State and Oregon are going to play in a tight match-up on Saturday Night.

With that being said,  the game will come down to explosiveness. The Broncos simply hold the advantage with the ultimate small-ball lineup. It’ll be raining Duck tears in Eugene all night long, and a late Alston three pointer with 30 seconds remaining will seal the deal for Boise State.

Boise: 77   Oregon: 71



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