Week 12 was PEAK #MACtion

Week 12 in the MAC was wild. Not every game was a nail biter or had MAC Championship implications, but they did give at least one reason to watch. Some of the games were outright amazing. Also, buried in the week is a small lesson about why it’s important for the conference. Even if local fans hate the mid-week games.

I don’t usually write reviews or recaps. There’s so much going in the season that there’s always something coming that’s interesting. After watching this week’s games, I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of how great this week was.

Tuesday, November 12

Two games kicked off the week. Western Michigan traveled to Ohio to play football after the start time was moved up an hour. Eastern Michigan also traveled to Akron with a start time that was adjusted the same way. Apparently it was cold.

Western Michigan and Ohio both had MAC Championship aspirations. WMU wouldn’t have been eliminated with a loss but Ohio would be. The Eastern Michigan and Akron game didn’t have any implications outside of their own game. The highlights of Tuesday really set the table for the rest of the week.

  • Akron scored a touchdown! Twice!
  • Akron also tried a pooch punt from the 37-yard line on a 4th and 17. It went zero yards.
  • Ohio split a lineman out wide and in a pseudo trick play, he did a cartwheel.
  • Ohio scored a game-tying touchdown with 9 seconds left to send the game to overtime.
  • After a field goal, LeVante Bellamy ran for 25 yards and a touchdown to win. Prior to overtime, Bellamy had been held to 47 yards on 25 carries.

Tuesday really got MACtion viewers ready for the week. One game was great and high stakes, the other was at least silly and had Shaq Vann scoring four touchdowns.

Wednesday, November 13

Miami entered needing nothing. They were heavy favorites against Bowling Green and would control the division even with a loss.

The MAC West game was Toledo hosting Northern Illinois. Both teams could win the division and even if Toledo loses, they still have a chance.

  • Ross Bowers tripped in the open field and what followed was an extremely late targeting penalty.
  • NIU built a 28-7 lead over three quarters.
  • Toledo drove 70 yards for a touchdown.
  • NIU fumbled the snap on a punt and left a two-play 17-yard drive on the table for Toledo.
  • With just over 5 minutes left, Toledo ties the game with a 91-yard drive.
  • NIU wakes up, takes 4 minutes and 26 seconds to drive the field and hit a 25-yard field goal.
  • With 0:41 and one timeout, Toledo mismanages the clock for the second time in this game. The game ended on a 6-yard pass to the center of the field with receivers deep downfield.
  • Miami intercepted three passes during their win and returned one 79 yards for a score.

At the end of the first half, Toledo had two timeouts and the ball on the 26 with 1:06 left. After first down was called back on a holding call, Jason Candle apparently wanted to go to half.

The next play Shakif Seymour ran for 18 yards for a second down and 1. Seems like the aggressive plan could be back on the table. Candle took both timeouts to the locker room after two runs, one for a first down and a clock stoppage.

Not sure why they weren’t aggressive, and it looks worse in hindsight.

I would say the targeting call is the worst thing in recent memory on a football field, but Myles Garrett happened just the next night. It was nasty.

Thursday, November 14

Not to be overshadowed by Thursday Night Football or an ACC game, MACtion truly had a great game. Kent State hosted Buffalo and it was kind of a sleepy game until halfway through the fourth quarter.

  • Kyle Vantrease and Jaret Patterson cruise Buffalo to a 27-6 lead with 11 minutes left in the game.
  • After Kent State scored a touchdown on the next drive, they pull a beautiful onside kick.
  • After another touchdown, Kent State BLOCKS A PUNT to set up a drive on the 4-yard line.
  • Buffalo fails to pull a 4-minute drive and ice the game.
  • Kent State converts a third and seven on their side of the fifty and a third and six to set up the walk-off field goal.
  • Kent State kicks a game-winner as time expires.

Until Kent State stepped on the gas and took off, they had nine drives that resulted in 6 points, a turnover, and 6 punts. The result eliminated Buffalo from the East race and sealed the division for Miami.

Saturday, November 16

The only game on Saturday was Central Michigan on the road at Ball State. This one had championship game implications as well. Both teams were at two losses. The loser would need a ton of help if they aren’t outright eliminated.

  • Big guy touchdown alert!
  • Central Michigan overcame a 16, 17 and another 17 point deficit to win the game.
  • Central Michigan scores the go-ahead touchdown with 1:01 left in the game.
  • Between the two teams, there were 26 drives that weren’t kneel-downs. There were only FIVE combined punts.
  • There was a total of 994 total yards in this game.
  • No missed field goals or PATs all game.

This game was high flying with way too many highlights to show them all here. The problem with it is, who saw it?

If this game is on a Tuesday, the college football world has nothing else to watch and are truly treated to a great game. As much as the local fans hate the mid-week games, everyone who isn’t a die-hard missed a fantastic game between these two schools.

No matter the day, this game was my favorite of week 12. It was very reminiscent of the games that started the phenomena when NIU beat Toledo 63 to 60 then Toledo beat WMU 66-63 the next week.

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