Why Army Will Win The Army-Navy Game: BEAT NAVY

*Editors note If you came here for a non-biased, stat-based preview of The Army-Navy Game, this is not that, I will go full Army homer in this one, sorry not sorry, #BeatNavy*


It’s the best week of the year. It’s time to beat Navy. Sure, it’s been a down year for Army, but let me tell you why Army will win on Saturday.



The Black Knights give up 22.3 points per game which is nearly a full two points less than Navy gives up. In their most comparable game, Army gave up 17 points to Air Force. Army can slow down the triple-option.

Cole Christensen, Elijah Riley, and Jaylon McClinton and company will have to make some big plays to slow down Navy QB Malcolm Perry but I expect nothing less.


Class of Dominance

This senior class could go out as the first class since 1996 to go undefeated against Navy. These guys will be doing everything in their power to go down as one of the greatest classes in Army football history.


The QB Room

Sure, Malcolm Perry has the better numbers this season, but if Kelvin Hopkins were healthy all season, their numbers would be close to the same.

If Hopkins is ready to go everyone knows what this guy is capable of. There’s a reason he’s a captain. He lays it all on the line for his team and knows what the team needs and makes the smart play 95% of the time.

If it isn’t Hopkins and Army decides to go with Christian Anderson, who is like a bigger Malcolm Perry. I’d still have full confidence in him. In his brief playing time, Anderson has shown a knack for making big plays with his explosive and elusive running.


#BlackKnightNation > Whatever Navy twitter calls themselves

Yes, I know this one has absolutely nothing to do with the actual outcome on the field but I had to take a second to acknowledge the best fan base in sports. While Navy fans continue to complain that we are too mean, we will continue to have fun and do what we do.


This game is always close, don’t expect anything less. Army will win a close, hard-fought battle and will sing second after Kell Walker (#GTHWYGKWTB aka Good Things Happen When You Give Kell Walker The Ball) scores a late touchdown to clinch the game.

Army 28-Navy 24


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