Five Great Mid-American Football Games to Re-Watch During the COVID-19 Break

Last but not least, we thought we could leave you with some quality MACtion to rewatch during this COVID-19 sports break we are experiencing.

Here’s the thing; remember that this list is borne of games where we were easily able to find the full game online to include in the article.

Unfortunately, this means that quality classics like Toledo’s 2011 season where they gave up 63 points in back-to-back games and went 1-1 wasn’t an option, and neither was that six-overtime insanity between Buffalo and Western Michigan.

You have to go with what you can find, but I think we still found some quality options here.

2015 – Northern Illinois at #24 Toledo

Three words: Tuesday night MACtion. Not just weeknight MACtion, but a ranked team with a weeknight home game in front of a national ESPN audience.

It’s honestly a minor miracle that NIU found a way to win this game after ending the first half with back to back drives that started inside the Toledo 25 and ended in a field goal.

That kind of red-zone inefficiency is usually crippling, but this is weeknight MACtion people, not normal football.

2014 – Ball State at Indiana

I don’t want to hear about how good or bad Indiana was this year, this was still an excellent game with an excellent ending.

2016 MAC Championship Game – Ohio vs Western Michigan

Oh look, it’s the last Mid-American Conference game that PJ Fleck ever coached. He then took his boat, his oars, and his trademarked catchphrase to South Bea— err, to Minneapolis, sorry.

This was a fun one, and I was rooting for Frank Solich the whole time, because that’s what one does for the MAC GOD.

2007 WMU Cincy

One from the way back machine, so surely you’ll get good and nostalgic from the extremely high quality of the video, graphics and announcing. This actually would continue to be as good a matchup today as it was in 2007.

Peak Marshal University MACtion

There’s no reason a top-five list shouldn’t include this reference because it should get re-watched with regularity.

Remember that Marshall spent their first eight seasons of FBS football in the MAC. They also went to the MAC Championship game the first six years and won it five times. These games are why Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington are legends even if they didn’t pop off at the next level.

We start with a riveting 1999 matchup between Marshall and Western Michigan followed by a rematch the very next year. Quality contests as evidenced by the fact that the combined final score was 53-44. No full games here, but the highlights are still well worth it.



But we then round it out with what was their final trip to the MAC Championship, which itself was a rematch of a close loss to Toledo from the year prior. I’m not going to say a word, because this game deserves a full watching with no spoilage.



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