Five Mountain West Football Games to Re-Watch During the COVID-19 Break

College sports are on a hiatus for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 virus, just like yesterday. Not having March Madness to watch sucks but never fear we compiled another list. This time it’s of the Mountain West games you should rewatch to quench your thirst for sports.

These are in no order, they’re all great. Also, just in case you haven’t watched any of these games, I won’t spoil them too much.

#8 Boise State vs. #10 Oklahoma 2006 Fiesta Bowl

Is this the greatest G5 football game ever? It’s certainly up there. If you need an explanation of why you need to watch this game, then someone needs to force-feed it to you Clockwork Orange style.

2003 Alabama at Hawai’i

This game is so many levels of insanity. Hawai’i, even when they were good, were barely on the same planet as Alabama, even when they were bad.

Add in Timmy Chang – at the time Hawai’i’s greatest quarterback ever – having the worst game of his entire career, and you get… a Hawai’i victory?


Also, as a special nugget, note the extremely wonderful gamebreak right after the start of the fourth quarter. Ah, the memories.

Utah State vs. Michigan State 2018

Get some Jordan Love scouting in before the draft. This game was an absolute roller coaster to watch when we watched it live, and it feels no less so now in retrospect.

Arizona vs. Hawaii 2019

You’ll notice a bit of recency bias in our list here, but realistically the Mountain West has just put up some non-conference bangers the last couple of seasons. This one has Cole McDonald and Khalil Tate in Week Zero madness. Who could ask for more?


Purdue vs. Nevada 2019

I promise you forgot about this game. Which is a shame, because the greatest part was Nevada watching freshman – yes freshman – kicker Brandon Talton crush that game-winning field goal and then putting him on scholarship after the game.

Boise State vs. Florida State 2019

Remember when this game almost got canceled? Also Florida State won… the first half of this game. This game was the beginning of the end of the beginning for Willie Taggart in Tallahassee.


Honorable Mention


Hawaii vs. BYU 2019 Hawaii Bowl

Bowl games are fun, bowl games with Cole McDonald are even more fun.


Utah State vs. Wake Forest 2019

More Jordan Love… If you have a problem with it, watch one of the other games.

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