We’re Coming Back, But We’re Not Forgetting Anything

Forgotten5 is going to be entering into its fifth year of operation in a month, and as always, things will be different. It will be different in a few specific ways, but those are far less important right now, other than one in particular.

At the end of May, we committed that we would refrain from posting any content on the site (and therefore to Twitter and Facebook) for the month of June, in honor of what was taking place in the sociopolitical landscape of the country (highlighted at that moment by the glaring failure of our law enforcement system to protect or serve George Floyd in any way, shape or form).

Now that July is here, we’re resuming writing and publishing content, and it’s not because “the moment has passed” or we’ve caved to any pressure from any angle. Nor is it because we were only pretending to care about something other than sports for a while, ala a tacky black avi or something like that.

No, I can assure you that while we’re looking forward to resuming that which is writing about sports, we have not in any way forgotten about the following people:

  • Emmett Till
  • Eric Garner
  • John Crawford III
  • Michael Brown
  • Ezell Ford
  • Dante Parker
  • Michelle Cusseaux
  • LaQuan McDonald
  • Tanisha Anderson
  • Akai Gurley
  • Tamir Rice
  • Rumain Brisbon
  • Jerame Reid
  • Joseph Mann
  • Matthew Ajibade
  • Frank Smart
  • Natasha McKenna
  • Tony Robinson
  • Anthony Hill
  • Mya Hall
  • Phillip White
  • Eric Harris
  • Walter Scott
  • William Chapman II
  • Alexia Christian
  • Brendon Glenn
  • Victor Manuel Larosa
  • Jonathan Sanders
  • Freddie Carlos Gray Jr.
  • Joseph Mann
  • Salvado Ellswood
  • Sandra Bland
  • Albert Joseph Davis
  • Darrius Stewart
  • Billy Ray Davis
  • Samuel Dubose
  • Michael Sabbie
  • Brian Keith Day
  • Christian Taylor
  • Troy Robinson
  • Asshams Pharoah Manley
  • Felix Kumi
  • Philando Castile
  • Alton Sterling
  • Ronell Foster
  • Stephon Clark
  • Antwon Rose II
  • Botham Jean
  • Trayvon Martin
  • Breonna Taylor
  • Ahmaud Arbery
  • Tony McDade
  • George Floyd
  • Elijah McClain

No, we simply have a great appreciation for the escape that can be found in doing what you love, and for us watching sports, and then sitting around talking and writing about what we watched (or simply interesting things we’ve stumbled upon) is a worthwhile escape for many of us.

Just how successful that escape is in the current world, with the ongoing chaotic churn created by both COVID-19 and the continued undercurrent of worthwhile backlash against abhorrent systemic racism and all of its symptoms, is yet to be determined.

But just because we choose to try doesn’t make us ignorant of those forces or less sympathetic to those who are being affected by them. We’re not forsaking one cause for another, we are resuming something we love doing as a way to start rebalancing our lives within the new focus that we as individuals possess.

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