Welcome to New Year’s Day, Birmingham Bowl!

As I addressed in my post this week, the bowl schedule came out last Friday, with tons of surprises, like a bowl on Christmas Day. One of the more overlooked aspects was the appearance of an unexpected bowl on New Year’s Day.

Bowl Season gave the Birmingham Bowl the noon ET slot on New Year’s Day. While the game will compete with the Citrus and Peach Bowls, the spot gives the bowl added prestige. The Birmingham Bowl, although commonly played after New Year’s Day, has never been played on New Year’s Day itself.

Even if the American does not send a team to the New Year’s Six, which seems highly unlikely at this point, they will still have a team play on the most prestigious day of bowl season. Adding to the allure is the fact they’ll play an SEC school, albeit a middle-tier one. If the Peach and Citrus Bowls become blowouts, the eyes of the nation will be on Legion Field for the crescendo to the Rose Bowl semi-final game. It’s a pretty exciting thought.

This small move puts the American further ahead of their Group of Five counterparts, as few of their bowls have as optimal a spot as the Birmingham Bowl. As the start of bowl season nears, what better stage to kick off the most wonderful day of the college football year, than with the AAC at the Grey Old Lady?

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