The Odd Trend of Rice Wearing Throwbacks Against Marshall

Lost in a busy college weekend, and even in the news of Rice’s big win against Marshall might have been the small details in Rice’s uniforms. While they were not “officially” throwback helmets, Rice donned helmets that had their trademark old-English R on one side and rounded numerals on the other, seen in the cover image.

The rounded numerals were similar to the ones the 1957 team wore on their helmets, seen here. The Owls also wore the numerals in 2012 against UTSA in a game they won 34-14. Here is a look at the reprise of those 1957 uniforms.

Rice of course played well in the “throwback” helmets, winning their first game over a ranked team since 1997, but many would not realize this is the continuation of a trend. Last year, Rice donned throwback helmets as well, to a degree. Rice brought back their winged helmets, shown below, but this time in a navy hue, compared to the silver wings they donned in the past.

In that game, an overmatched Rice team played a solid Marshall team, as the Thundering Herd ended the year with an 8-5 record and an appearance in the Gasparilla Bowl, while Rice came into the game with an 0-9 record. Despite having all the odds against them, Rice took a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter and continued to play well before ultimately falling 20-7 to the Herd.

While this trend has only appeared twice, the Owls play well enough wearing throwbacks against Marshall, that maybe they should consider wearing them every time they play the Herd. But, I for one, will not be satisfied until Rice brings back the silver wings on their helmets.

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