About Me

The Dreams of A Young Writer

What more can I say? I have always loved college sports especially the Saturdays of Fall. I love talking about sports and researching past trends and events. One day I hope to be a full-time writer so I won’t have to work a day in my life, but as for now, I’m just a Cadet with dreams. In the meantime, enjoy these sports thoughts and opinions.



I’m an avid reader, I mean it’s natural for a history major, right?

Living for Christ

I am proud to have given my life to Christ and I write these pieces and do everything for His glory. I owe it all to Him.


I love journaling about music and practicing songs on the keyboard. I like to think I can one day sing in a small-time jazz band, but it’s just another dream.

Going to Sporting Events

My love for college sports began at the age of seven when my Dad took me to Fitton Field to watch Holy Cross play Fordham. I have been to sporting events all around, but for me, nothing beats the feel of a nice Ivy League Saturday. Whether it be at Franklin Field, the Yale Bowl, Harvard Stadium, or even Yankee Stadium, the feel is reverent and chilling.