2019 MAC Football Post Mortem

The college football season is over. The season has come and gone far too quickly for me. It felt like I blinked and it was week six. With only 12 games, conference championships, and bowl games to watch, the end of season review is in order. Now that the whole puzzle of the 2019 season … Continue reading 2019 MAC Football Post Mortem

Recruiting Battles in the MAC: Early Signing Day Results

December 18th was early signing day for college football, and a ton of teenagers learned how to use a fax machine. More than two hundred players sent letters of intent to a MAC school to play football there in the fall. With 25 scholarships and some ways to get more than that each year, like … Continue reading Recruiting Battles in the MAC: Early Signing Day Results

2019 MAC Bowls Preview: Pre-Christmas Edition

The Sunday after Championship Saturday is always a long day of Twitter refreshing. ESPN has to announce the playoff teams as decided by the committee, then spend 3 literal hours talking about them. Since the committee has made their feelings about the group of five very obvious in every ranking they've ever put out, the … Continue reading 2019 MAC Bowls Preview: Pre-Christmas Edition

Week 12 was PEAK #MACtion

Week 12 in the MAC was wild. Not every game was a nail biter or had MAC Championship implications, but they did give at least one reason to watch. Some of the games were outright amazing. Also, buried in the week is a small lesson about why it's important for the conference. Even if local … Continue reading Week 12 was PEAK #MACtion

No One Controls The MAC West

It's Week 12 in November and no team in the MAC West controls their own path to the MAC Championship Game. I wrote a similar article last year about the tiebreakers that could play out. I tried to lay out the scenarios this season and they are just way too messy. Four teams in the … Continue reading No One Controls The MAC West


And it's beautiful. I'm a fan of weird football and the national storylines the past couple seasons have killed me. Alabama and Clemson from day one. Gross. Thank God for the MAC and the mess they bring to college football. The MAC West always felt more sorted out than the East, and the same is … Continue reading The MAC Is a MESS

Every Week is a GIFt – Week 1 Edition

Group of 5 Power Rankings in a GIFfy The Group of 5 has a lot of power rankings. Honestly, I just don't think they can be done without a GIF. How can I accurately describe my feelings on a team without a crappy 3-second video loop? I assure you that if you disagree with your … Continue reading Every Week is a GIFt – Week 1 Edition

Central Michigan Has An Offense Now? MACtion Week 1

Week one is in the books for the 2019 football season. It wasn't the most thrilling weekend of football for the MAC. Everything went about to script. No FCS upsets, never a guarantee, and also no power five upsets. Some starting quarterbacks were debuted, including Bret Gabbert who played above his age. This is a … Continue reading Central Michigan Has An Offense Now? MACtion Week 1

Players to Watch: Best MACtion Players 2019

The MAC football season is only three weeks away. Fall camps are underway and the players are on campus. Just like spring training in baseball, the fall is full of promise and excitement. It's still a bummer that you can't say everyone has a chance to win a championship but that's not what this is … Continue reading Players to Watch: Best MACtion Players 2019

Crowning a 2018-2019 MACtion Champion

The shining moment for the MAC the past year was without a doubt the Akron Zips getting to the national championship game in men's soccer. Even with the 1-0 loss to Maryland, it was an incredible season for any MAC program. The Buffalo Bulls rolling the Arizona State Sun Devils in the NCAA Basketball National … Continue reading Crowning a 2018-2019 MACtion Champion